We are thrilled to share that Tableo, the sister company of Bookia, has officially partnered with the esteemed MICHELIN Guide. Tableo is a restaurant reservation platform designed to simplify reservation management for restaurants. With Tableo, restaurants can effortlessly manage their bookings, track no-shows, and even implement crowd control measures.

Through this partnership, Tableo, a sister platform of Bookia, will support restaurants from the prestigious MICHELIN Guide’s selection in boosting their online bookings. We are proud to be the first and only Maltese company to achieve this partnership, and one of the few international partners of the MICHELIN Guide.

By integrating with the MICHELIN Guide, we are providing diners the opportunity to reserve exceptional dining experiences not just in Malta & Gozo, but also in other countries. Our restaurant reservation management platform is used by thousands of restaurateurs across Europe, and this partnership enables real-time tracking of bookings, online availability display, and instant email confirmations to customers. This collaboration not only boosts reservations but also enhances the overall booking process.

Tableo provides a user-friendly restaurant reservation management platform that empowers restaurants of all sizes to effortlessly handle their bookings in one place. Our platform allows restaurants to receive reservations round-the-clock from any online channel, decrease no-shows, and receive payments, among other advantages. Thanks to our existing partnerships with numerous MICHELIN Guide Restaurants, including those on our platform Bookia, we have paved the way for this collaboration with MICHELIN in Malta.

Our cutting-edge technology, integrated with the MICHELIN Guide, is set to provide restaurants with increased visibility, more bookings, and higher revenue. Our previous partnership with Reserve with Google, through Tableo, has already resulted in a 40-50 increase in monthly diners for many restaurants. With this collaboration with the MICHELIN Guide, restaurants can expect even more exposure and access to a wider customer base.

Through this collaboration, restaurants worldwide will not just get to enjoy the prestige of being a MICHELIN-rated restaurant, but will also experience a definite increase in their bookings and revenue. This is a remarkable achievement for both us, as Bookia and Tableo, and the hospitality industry, as it creates a new platform for restaurants globally to expand their business and gain more visibility.

Through our partnership with MICHELIN, Tableo has introduced a groundbreaking feature that enables diners to book MICHELIN Guide restaurants in Malta and other regions. This collaboration is set to revolutionise the local restaurant industry scene, and provide a new level of convenience for diners seeking to book high-quality dining experiences.

At Tableo and Bookia, we have previous established partnerships with several noteworthy MICHELIN Guide restaurants in Malta and Gozo, including Aaron’s Kitchen, Bahia, BRIJU, Capo Crudo, Caviar & Bull, Chophouse, Grain Street, Marea, Ta’ Frenc, Tartarun, The Golden Fork, The Harbour Club, Tmun, Susurrus, and Under Grain. As a result of this collaboration, even more restaurants will have access to our advanced technology and expertise in restaurant reservation management.

Overall, we are thrilled to be partnering with the prestigious MICHELIN Guide to offer diners the best dining experiences in Malta and beyond. Whether you are a restauranteur who already uses a reservation management platform like Tableo, or are looking to take your restaurant to the next level, we are here to help in any way we can!

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