Curious as to which eateries shine brightest in the constellation of stars? I did some snooping to discover which Bookia restaurant is getting the most frequent thumbs up from you, and the results make me want to scrap all my sensible intentions and embark on a foodie bender. 

What can I say, you guys have great taste and the restaurants that keep getting the most bookings on Bookia tell no lies! Here’s the official Top 10 Bookia favourites for the past month.

NAAR RestoBar

All the buzz of the St Julian’s area, without the madness. Is it a bar, a lounge, a restaurant? I’m not sure, and I don’t care, because whatever you choose to call NAAR, the result sure works. In the mood for a few cocktails and some snacks by the water’s edge? Done. Dancing to a live DJ when everything’s back to normal? NAAR’s your place. Or would you prefer a full meal where you can just kick back and chill? Again – NAAR. There’s a reason it’s on the Bookia top 10.

Chukkas Mosta

All hail ever since Chukkas opened this second restaurant in Mosta. All the space, comfort and parking availability that you can wish for, coupled with the legendary steak, of course. Well, or anything you feel like really. But we have to say it, the steak makes the carnivore in us damn happy, and undoubtedly has helped this charming restaurant make it on to the coveted Top 10 Malta restaurants list. Take the fam or the entire gang. Chukkas Mosta is perfect for group outings, and you’ll be everyone’s hero.

Sciacca Grill Valletta

Here’s another one that can do no wrong with their meat cuts. If you know your steak, this is the place to be. Shop till you drop, then drop into Sciacca’s. That’s my motto. Or, you know, make like normal people and get your bling on for a seriously good night at one of the top restaurants the capital city has to offer. These people know their stuff, so leaving it all up to Chef is definitely an option. Don’t bother with a normal menu – Sciacca places a variety of fresh prime cuts on display daily, so you know exactly what you’re signing up for.

Bentley’s Malta

Are you up for a spot of preening served with your lunch or dinner? Get your glad rags on and get spotted at Bentley’s, bang on the Valletta Waterfront and coveted destination for Malta’s most photographed. Bentley’s is more than an eating out experience – it’s a full social smorgasbord, the kind of place that constantly shows up on the Insta stories of those who matter. It’s not only the cocktails and desserts that look stunning!

Country Terrace

Which one restaurant constantly pops up on everybody’s list of Gozo favourites? Country Terrace, and the secret is in the name, with an irresistible terrace that will seduce you into lounging, soaking in the sun or the stars long after you’ve finished your third after-dinner liqueur. Mediterranean views coupled with Mediterranean flavours – the best of everything. Pro top – don’t miss out on the fresh filled pasta, or you’ll regret watching your more clued-up dining companions oohing and aahing over theirs.

Chukkas Marsa

Who’s up for an old-school Sunday lunch, big steak for big appetites, all set against a backdrop of spectacula horse-racing, if you’re lucky. Clearly, all of Malta is judging by the difficulties to bag a table at the iconic Chukkas Marsa. So get clever and click ‘book’ on Bookia, so you’re not the only one left looking like a lemon when everyone’s else is doing lunch at Chukkas. By the way, this is one of the few places in Malta that actually knows what to do with a Chateaubriand, so don’t miss the opportunity. 

MedAsia Fusion Lounge, Sliema

 A spot of schmoozing, sumptuous sushi platters and all the colourful cocktails you can think of. MedAsia Fusion Lounge does it all and does it spectacularly. Of course, it’s not just about the sushi. The Asian Fusion menu here is stellar, possibly one of the reasons why this place is on everyone’s list of best Malta restaurants. I mean, you can only look on in awe at the Master Ship Platter, the ramen, the hot pots and all the other delicacies. The other reasons include super good vibes, great music and impeccable charming. In short, all the must-haves for a perfect get-together for the gang.

Planet Hollywood Malta

 A star-studded experience, and we’re not talking about the celebrity memorabilia that transforms this restaurant into a veritable cave of marvels for anyone who enjoys Hollywood lore. I mean sure, those are great fun too, but wait till you taste the menu. Think elevated diner, with massive burgers, gooey nachos, delicious salads and some really A-list desserts. Oh yeah, and there’s a Monday to Friday happy hour. Let the good times roll. 

Palazzo Preca

Where to start? The gorgeous palazzo in Strait Street where this restaurant is housed, and that will make you feel as though you’ve slipped into a different (infinitely more charming) world? The oh-so-lovely sister duo that are the brains behind the operation? The classical menu to which they’ve added their own twist, resulting in delectable concoctions? Palazzo Preca delivers all this and more, so that dining there is a completely new and refreshing experience, every time. 

Tap Room

It’s a bit East London, and a bit chic Rome, that’s what the vibe at the Taproom brings to the table. East London for the smart set that gathers there, the eclectic decor, the laid-back vibe combined with service that’s bang on the money. And then there’s the food, worthy of the most exclusive Roman brasserie, contemporary flavours meeting classic dishes and making everyone’s tastebuds extremely happy in the process. Keep room for dessert!

Ramona Depares

Ramona Depares

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