If you are looking to grab a pint (or two) and watch the World Cup, then look no further as Bookia has got you sorted!

With over 250 restaurants to choose from, Bookia can also help you find the right place showing Live Football. Immerse yourself into the game with just 3 easy steps – visit Bookia or download the app for free to pick your restaurant, book your table and enjoy a dining experience like no other! Bookia also has a search feature which is dedicated to restaurants showing Live Football – what more could you ask for? 

With that in mind, we are here to help you out in picking a restaurant from the long list! Here are our top picks which will get you a front row seat to watch the next match.

1. The Brew - Grill & Brewery, Sliema

Set up in the heart of The Strand in Sliema, The Brew Grill & Brewery has become one of the country’s leading craft brewers. Apart from its famous signature cocktails and with over 100 types of gin, The Brew is also known for producing a variety of freshly in-house brewed beers. With tons of food options to choose from, be it nibbles or their famous ribs, you will get to savour food which pairs perfectly with their incredible range of versatile beers.

The restaurant is also surrounded by a number of TVs and Big Screens where you can definitely catch your favourite team playing at the World Cup. Not only that, they are also currently running an “All You Can Eat Wings” every Thursday – ALL YOU CAN EAT WINGS + PINT OF BEER for just €19. You can secure your booking just by clicking on the link below!

👉 https://bookia.mt/restaurants-malta/the-brew-sliema

2. the teambar, Lija

Located in central Lija, the teambar’s menu is inspired from Mediterranean cuisine – from burgers to pizza, and even pasta. The restaurant is surrounded by screens showcasing the match from all angles, which will definitely catch your eye one way or another! 

They have also just launched a new menu, so if you are on the lookout to try out some tasty dishes, the teambar have got you covered.  For the love of delicious food, just book your table now!

👉 https://bookia.mt/restaurants-malta/the-teambar-lija

3. UMI Asian Fusion, St. Paul's Bay

Combining your love for football with your craving for sushi, UMI Asian Fusion is showing all World Cup games at their restaurant too! Offering simple, yet exciting new flavours inspired by Asian Fusion cuisine, they have chosen the perfect location for you to enjoy a Japanese Experience right next to the sea.

At UMI, you can expect an entire dining experience with the freshest produce and local seafood, all within a chic sushi lounge. If you happen to be doing date night and your team is playing at the same time, then UMI is definitely the place for you! 

👉 https://bookia.mt/restaurants-malta/umi-asian-fusion-st-pauls-bay

4. A Mano, Kalkara

Pizza and beer go hand in hand, which is why we have chosen A Mano as one of our featured restaurants. Located in the south, this restaurant is the perfect place to unwind after a long day at work, and dine out all whilst watching the match. 

Not really fancying a slice from heaven? Do not worry, A Mano’s menu has a variety of authentic Italian dishes for you to choose from. Get your booking sorted following the link below.

👉 https://bookia.mt/restaurants-malta/A-mano-kalkara

5. King's Gate Arms, Msida

This gem of a restaurant in Msida is the perfect place for you if you feel like getting a few drinks in before the match of the night. King’s Gate Arms have happy hour every day between 5pm and 7pm with 50% off on cocktails! (Just try not to get too tipsy before your favourite team heads onto the pitch.)

King’s Gate Arms are showing World Cup matches at their gastropub, whilst also offering a selection of delicious food from their signature burgers, pork ribs to even salads and pasta dishes. That sounds perfect, right? 

👉 https://bookia.mt/restaurants-malta/kings-gate-msida

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