Carbing up for the winter is a thing and what better way to comfort our tastebuds if not with a plate of perfectly prepared pasta, like nonna used to make? Luckily, we are blessed with some truly great pasta restaurants in Malta, the type that make our Italian neighbours proud to share the same bit of Mediterranean sea as us. And that’s the only thing we’re sharing, because we’re bringing you a list of the best from the best pasta restaurants on the island, and you’re gonna want to keep these for yourself.

1. Don Royale

Fancy a dash of cosa nostra with your gnocchi? This may  be the new kid on the block, but it has the full might Malta’s own celebrity chef Marvin Gauci behind it. Think authentic hearty Italian cuisine concept and a luscious menu that reminds us why the Italians are gods in the kitchen and why they tend to be behind the great pasta restaurants in Malta. And it’s all served in the most charming of locations overlooking St George’s Bay, just to make it truly Mediterranean. If you’re a Carbonara puritan, this is your best pasta restaurant.

2. Cellini

Located in a super-charming townhouse in the centre of Naxxar, this great pasta restaurant / wine-bar ticks all the right boxes if you’re after a cosy evening away from the hustle and bustle. Get ready for a right treat, as the pasta selection is hearty, homely and prepped to perfection. And you can wash it down with some amazing vintages, too. If you know your risotto, you won’t be disappointed either – Cellini’s Risotto Safferano is inspired.

3. Grana

Cheerful, good value for money, and presenting a real slice of Italian heaven. And it’s not just a great pasta restaurant either, the Italian brigade here offers the real McCoy, down to formaggi e salumi platters. If you’re committed to pasta, check out our favourite – Gnocchi alla Sorrentina, a delish concoction of baked potato gnocchi with San Marzano tomato D.O.P. sauce, mozzarella and basil. Did anyone say lush?

4. Ventuno

How do you like your pasta served on the water’s edge, replete with the freshest ingredients and a super charming service? Welcome to this Mellieha haven, where chefs work with local suppliers to make sure every single flavour in your pasta dish is on point. If you like your pasta edgy, check out their Ravioli di Coniglio, rabbit-filled ravioli flamed with port and rabbiti liver, finished with a touch of cream and orange zest. Yup, there’s good reason why this place made it on our list of best pasta restaurants in Malta, right?

5. Tal-Puzzu

This is the place for when you’re after a good serving of comfort food. Serving as a pizza/pasta/grill combo, anything you choose will certainly deliver that feel-good buzz to your tastebuds. But what makes it one of the great pasta restaurants in Malta? For starters, the menu offers all our old favourites, like lasagna, spaghetti with rabbit, spaghetti marinara, all’arrabiata. You get the picture. And what they serve, they serve well and in plentiful quantities. Dig in! Oh yeah, and their Fresh Pasta section takes it to a whole new level. 

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Ramona Depares

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